Who We Are

Challenges We Have Solved

WGS developed solutions to our clients’ biggest challenges through the use of data analytics and business intelligence tools.

Undelivered Orders (UDO) Analysis
We created an analytical application to help our client analyze undelivered orders. Our client previously employed a cumbersome Excel-based process that entailed extracting the data from their financial system, copying and pasting it to an Excel spreadsheet, performing manual lookups and aggregations, and copying and pasting UDOs into separate spreadsheets by program office. The entire process required about 20 hours each time management requested the information. At a minimum, this occurred on a monthly basis.

Our solution not only streamlined this process considerably, but also improved the reliability, consistency, and transparency of the information output, flexibility in terms of increased analytical capability, and resulted in more than a 90% reduction in turnaround time.

Improper Payments Analysis
To help meet their requirements under IPERA, our client required a way to quickly and consistently identify duplicate checks and invoices. After several attempt at Excel-based solutions that yielded limited results, our client requested a different approach. Within days we were able to create an analytical application that enables us to quickly provide our client with the information they need, on an ongoing basis. By loading an extract from our client’s financial system, we can identify which vendors have duplicate invoices and/or checks, as well as the relevant document IDs. We can also identify when and where these breakdowns are occurring, which has given our client insight into the circumstances that contribute to such errors.