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Improving Your Analytical Capability Without Adding IT Infrastructure
Watkins Government Services LLC (WGS) recognizes that it is critical for Federal managers to receive quick and accurate answers to their most pressing business questions. In an era of increased transparency, and numerous funding constraints, having the right information at the right time has never been more critical than it is today.  When you engage WGS, you not only gain the benefits of our expertise in Financial, Strategic Resource, or Grants Management; you also receive the benefits of our substantial Data Analytics practice.

WGS is one of the few firms that can bring agile, flexible business intelligence to bear within the context of its consulting engagements. WGS professionals are skilled in data analysis. They are knowledgeable in and equipped with the latest business intelligence and business discovery tools, which they will apply to your most pressing business challenges.

Fast, Flexible, Powerful Alternatives to Excel-based Analytics
WGS recognizes the need for fast, flexible analytics within the Federal space. At the same time, we understand that that many agencies already have substantial investments in legacy systems that provide rigid reporting solutions. To deal with this, most organizations rely on a combination of canned reports and spreadsheet-based solutions for the bulk of their analytical needs.

The problem with this approach is fourfold: (1) these solutions tend to have a long development cycle, (2) they are generally inflexible—if a new question is asked, a new analysis must be created, (3) these processes tend to lack necessary internal controls, and (4) to repeat the process on a periodic basis often takes nearly as long as creating the analysis the first time.

At WGS, we have a keen understanding of this problem. To address it, we have leveraged our strong Data Analytics and Business Discovery practice area to support our financial management consulting services. This affords our clients the value-add of advanced analytics capabilities without the expense of procuring additional IT tools.

More Insight, Same Budget
In today’s resource-constrained operating environment, Federal managers are still being asked to show improved results. WGS assists in this seemingly impossible task by providing more insight for the same dollar.

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